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Second Generation Librarian.

The theme for the TD Summer Reading Club this year is Laugh Out Loud (LOL) / Lire aux Larmes. I guess in French it would be LauxL, haha 😛 So for I have some dumb ideas, which are just cheesy enough to work… I’m going to put smiley faces on the wall with the kids names on them. And for keeping track of all the books kids read over the summer… you guessed it: the LOL-o-meter. 😀 Cheesy, yes?

I’ve discovered that SRC in Canada is extremely intense! It involves book reporting as opposed to just writing the names of the books down like in the U.S. Because of this factor, it seems like the SRC is much more work intensive than I’d anticipated. That, plus the de-centralized control over it all. I wonder if it’s easier for children’s librarians to be in a stand alone library because you get to be more creative with your programming and marketing, etc. or in a branch system because everything is done for you in a package? I guess it sort of depends on what kind of person you are… I find myself a little bit stifled by the canned programs, but when I’m really busy… I can see how it would work.

We’re trying to generate more revenue this summer by depending on volunteers (in Canada community service is required whether you’re in honour society or not… I actually don’t know if they HAVE honour societies…). But either way, we’re using a workforce of volunteers to power the SRC.

Anyway, whether totally canned or not, run by volunteers or not, this should be quite the summer. LOL.

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