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Second Generation Librarian.

Huh. I just saw my stats and people are looking at this much more than the big ole “O” that I had expected. Hurray!

One of my original misgivings about blogging in general is that it seems sort of narcissistic to assume that I have anything more to say about a single topic than anyone else and who really cares? Does anyone really see my posts anyway? Like Henry Rollins says (about message boards, not about blogging) “putting more content on the Internet, like we need more of THAT.” Am I just putting more content on the Internet that our children need to slog through finding their little nuggets of information in this monstrous amorphous heaving mass of electro-data?

Not to say that I think all blogging is a waste, some people are doing it well – the academic bloggers and library gurus… “Joe the Blogger,” too. After reading a blog about the “canon of academic blogging” somewhere I became horribly insecure about self-publishing – what if it doesn’t sound intelligent enough? I guess it’s time to restate my purpose, which is to provide support to those who, like me, have found themselves in a position for which they’re not quite prepared; to reassure them that it’s okay… and to share resources, thoughts, etc. with people, librarians, parents, what-have you, on the way. Canon be damned!

And it looks like…people are looking, so maybe I’m doing some good?

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