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Second Generation Librarian.

My mother and I across from what would eventually be my library school...This Mother’s Day, I wanted to thank my mom, Lynne, for encouraging me to enter this profession in the most public way possible. She’s a totally amazing librarian herself and has been in public and private libraries for probably more years than she’d care for me to share on the internet.  She originally went into this field to help people, all people, find the information they need. I grew up running around libraries, “flushing out patrons” at closing time and listening to her stories about crazy reference questions. I used to pretend that I worked at the same library she did and prompted her to play along. “Meg! What are you doing here?” she’d exclaim in our living room (which, thanks to my father, is actually a bit like a library). I’d pretend to be nonchalant “Oh… I just work here.” Then we’d do it all over again. This dream was interrupted by wanting to be a detective, a marine biologist, an anthropologist, a writer, a kindergarten teacher, until finally – panicking with English-majortitis, I thought more practically about job options. With my mom’s influence, I decided that I wanted to help people, too, particularly children, so here I am.

3 years ago this March, I started working as an intern at Bloomfield Township Public Library in the Children’s Department. She had recently retired from this particular library, but still worked occasionally as a substitute. We joked about now actually working at the same library… I was given the nickname Garza 2.0 the day I began that job. Inevitably, we worked a shift together and it was … well, it just seemed natural. “Meg! What are you doing here?!” “Oh… I just work here.”

Thank you, mom, or being amazing and supportive and for everything. Love, Megan

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