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Second Generation Librarian.

Ah, back in the Ontario Early Years saddle. I asked if they had any special themes for the day – usually it’s something like “fall” – and Elham and Kim said “Well, what about making new friends? A lot of the kids are new today.” Wellllll usually no problem! Unfortunately today, we’re in Day 3 of database migration downtime and I can’t use the catalogue for anything. But then I thought of this book I happened to find over the summer called Pouch! by David Ezra Stein. Pouch! is about a little joey who leaves the safety of this mother’s pouch for some exploring. He meets some new animals on the way a bee, a rabbit, a bird and is terrified! But he slowly goes farther and farther from his mother until one day he meets a friend who looks a very similar to him. They find strength in friendship and venture out into the unknown, sans pouch, together. Soft, lovely illustrations wtih pencil and… hrrmmm… watercolour (?) make for a very cute read.
pouch book cover

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Hello Day book cover
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