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Second Generation Librarian.

Since school gets out a full week before Christmas this year, I felt like I should provide entertainment at the branch. After Christmas – I’m on vacation and the library is on it’s own! We have an awesome Teen Advisory Group (TAG), who really enjoy working with the kids here, and even beg the teen librarian to ask me if they can do programs with the kids. Hey – I’m not complaining! They made a few different craft projects for the kids to do, so they’re going to be running those programs al0ng with some of the children’s staff who are doing Christmas stortyimes and carol sing-alongs in the branch. I decided to be slightly less denominational and decided to do a winter and snow themed party on Wednesday, December 22. It’s for ages 0-7 years, but really it’s free with no registration so who knows who I’ll get?

Here’s what I’m doing. I did steal some rhymes and songs and an introduction from the Storytime Idea Machine, so credit goes to Cherie Rainwater credit!)
Winter Wonderland Storytime


Getting Dressed for Winter: Hold up items of winter clothing. Ask children to name them – proceed to wear it in the wrong place and ask children to tell you where to wear it correctly.

Repeat. (From the blog Storytime Idea Machine:

Songs and Rhymes:

Snowflakes, Snowflakes

Tune of “Frere Jacque”

Snowflakes, snowflakes,
Snowflakes, snowflakes,
All around,
All around–
Whirling, twirling snowflakes,
Whirling, twirling snowflakes,
Hit the ground,
Hit the ground.

Five Little Snowmen

Five little snowmen standing in a row.
(Hold up five fingers; stand up straight like soldier.)

Each had two eyes and a carrot nose.
(Point to eyes; point to nose.)

Along came the sun and shone all day,
(Form sun with hands; wipe sweat from brow.)

And one little snowman melted away.
(Hold up one finger; slowly “melt” to the ground and say the words slower as you do.)

Four little snowmen…
Three little snowmen…
Two little snowmen…
One little snowman…

Good-bye Song: Winter Pokey (Snow-ky Pokey?)
To the tune of “The Hokey-Pokey”

You put your right mitten in,
You take your right mitten out.
You put your right mitten in,
And you shake it all about.
You do the winter pokey, [shiver]
And you turn yourself around.
That’s what it’s all about!

You put your left mitten in….
You put your right boot….
You put your left boot….
You put your long scarf in….
You put your warm cap in….
You put your snowsuit in….

Five Little Icicles

Five little icicles hanging in the air
The first one said “It’s COLD out there!”
The second one said “The sun is very nice”
And the third one said “Not if you’re made of ice!”
The fourth one said “Drip, drip, drip, drip!”
And the fifth one said “I’m falling! KER-PLIP!”

Snow is Falling Down

(Like the rhyme “Rain is Falling Down”)

Snow is falling down
Snow is falling down
Sifting, drifting, sifting, drifting
Snow is falling down


Snow Dude (Daniel Kirk)
Snow Is My Favorite and My Best (Lauren Child)
Teddy’s Snowy Day (Ian Beck)
Snowballs (Lois Ehlert)
All You Need for a Snowman (Alice Schertle)
A Winter Day (Douglas Florian)
Names for Snow (Judi K. Beach)
Snowball Fight (Jimmy Fallon)
Thomas’ Snowsuit (Robert Munsch)
50 Below Zero (Robert Munsch)

Craft Ideas:

Icicle Painting: Draw a thick line of glue across the top of a black piece of construction paper (with the paper turned landscape style). Pick the paper up and let the glue run down the page. Sprinkle with irredescent glitter. Let dry.

“Frost” Paintings: Dip sponge stamps, cookie cutters, etc. into white glue and stamp on black or blue paper. Sprinkle with irredescent glitter.

Cupcake Liner Snowman: Glue 3 cupcake liners onto a sheet of construction paper to make the snowman. Use buttons, felt, construction paper, markers, etc. to make it look like a snowman.

Q-Tip snowflakes: Lay a sheet of wax paper on a table. Use Q-tips to make a snowflake on top of the wax paper. Squirt glue on any spot where 2 Q-tips meet. Let dry completely and peel off of wax paper. Don’t forget, you don’t have to use whole Q-tips, you can break them up and use pieces too!

I thought it would be a cool idea to make a snowball that won’t melt, (like the one we read about in The Snowy Day). Unfortunately for the “everyone welcome” storytimes, this just isn’t feasible. But for those of you who have a limited number of kids in attendance, here it is:

  • Buy Styrofoam balls (6 at the Dollar Store for $1.25)
  • Roll the Styrofoam balls in white glue and stick things like cotton balls, Styrofoam peanuts, white yarn, fabric, to the ball to make it an un-meltable snowball!

Snack: Vanilla Wafer Snowmen
Decorate your cookies to look like snowmen!

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