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Second Generation Librarian.

The following are some of my favourite authors/ illustrators who also have websites, blogs, and all that good stuff. To make my list extra-fun I’m going to start off with word association! 😀 Please note that this list is mutable and some of the words aren’t real.

Roald Dahl:
Delightfully antiquilarious and great to read over lunch (or really at any other time). Probably my favourite author after graduating to chapter books, and it’s clear that my little customers feel the same. The Witches, Matilda, Boy… he’s one of the greatest things to come out of Norway since fjords.

Neil Gaiman:
Lucious imagination. Author of Coraline, the Pulizer Prize winner The Graveyard Book, The Wolves in the Walls (creepiest picture book known to humans). Not to mention many books for adults including Neverwhere and the Sandman series. Mr. Gaiman is a wonderful reader of his own works… <swoon>.

Emily Gravett:
Cute. Author/Illustrator of Monkey and Me, Orange Pear Apple Bear, Wolves, and other lovely reads.

Steven Kellogg:
Banana spinach fantastic art. I grew up loving his books, The Mysterious Tadpole, Ralph’s Secret Weapon, and Island of the Skog come to mind.

Robert Munsch:
BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM! Because doesn’t everyone like Robert Munsch? Mmmm Cookies and Moira’s Birthday are my faves. I especially enjoy Robert Munsch because his stories allow me to stretch my story telling skills to the limits of absolute crazy. And the crazier it gets the more the kids love it.

Dav Pilkey:
Marketing underpants is smart! The Captain Underpants guru’s “Extra-Crunchy Website O’ Fun” – also includes fun games, too.

Jeremy Tankard:
Minimal pretty. Author/Illustrator of the Grumpy Bird, Boo-Hoo Bird books. His blog highlights his artwork, which is a combination of backgrounds with pen-and-ink and water colour sketches. Please note I am terrible at describing art.

Lisa Yee:
Intuitive voice/ familiarizes the foreign. Author of the non-trilogy-esque trilogy Millicent Min, Girl Genius, Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time and So Totally Emily Ebers. Laugh, cry, you know the drill. But mostly laugh.

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