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Second Generation Librarian.

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Huh. I just saw my stats and people are looking at this much more than the big ole “O” that I had expected. Hurray! One of my original misgivings about blogging in general is that it seems sort of narcissistic to assume that I have anything more to say about a single topic than anyone […]

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Just got done with Parents as Partners: Homework Help on the Net – my bibliographic instruction course for kids grade 4-6 and their parents. It’s free (yippee!) but for some reason that means that I usually get a far lower enrolment than on paper. So, 5 kids enrolled, 2 showed up. One of the little […]

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The theme for the TD Summer Reading Club this year is Laugh Out Loud (LOL) / Lire aux Larmes. I guess in French it would be LauxL, haha 😛 So for I have some dumb ideas, which are just cheesy enough to work… I’m going to put smiley faces on the wall with the kids […]

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Hello! My name’s Megan, and I’m a young, idealistic, wet-behind-the-ears, fresh-outta-school children’s librarian. It was actually not an accident to become a children’s librarian – in fact, that has been my plan from the beginning (the beginning being my 2nd year of university in which I began wondering what I would do with this “English […]

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