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Today was my last day of storytime for the summer. 🙁 We only ran Family Storytimes this summer – for ages 0-5 years. This is a notoriously strange storytime to do since it’s hard to select materials appropriate for that age range and even more difficult to keep all those involved engaged for a full […]

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During Library Day in the Life Round … was it 3? I was running around doing Summer Reading Club programs and working at the reference desk like a madwoman. This past Monday, I ran around troubleshooting camp administration, overseeing more super-secret library classification testing, whipping Programming Volunteers into shape and lots of administrative unpleasantries that […]


Today is technically the first day of Library Day in the Life Round 5. But, since I’ve already been at work for two days, I thought I’d fill the Internet in on my “Monday” and “Tuesday.” Also, this provides a good explanation for my unintelligible blogs and tweets towards Thursday and Friday of this week. […]

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