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Ah, back in the Ontario Early Years saddle. I asked if they had any special themes for the day – usually it’s something like “fall” – and Elham and Kim said “Well, what about making new friends? A lot of the kids are new today.” Wellllll usually no problem! Unfortunately today, we’re in Day 3 […]

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This Mother’s Day, I wanted to thank my mom, Lynne, for encouraging me to enter this profession in the most public way possible. She’s a totally amazing librarian herself and has been in public and private libraries for probably more years than she’d care for me to share on the internet.  She originally went into […]

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Meghan Ball is, to put it bluntly, fat. Hugely fat. But despite this fact, she’s sometimes literally an invisible girl at her high school. People treat her either like part of the scenery or she’s the bullseye for horrific abuse. She copes with the sadness that these two unhappy poles bring her by binge eating […]

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Isabelle Lee (age 13) is coping with the loss of her father and her mother’s grieving by falling into a pattern of bingeing and purging. When she’s caught by her 10 year old sister April (aka “Ape Face”) she is forced by her mother to go to “Group” – a small support group for young […]

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I have to admit, I avoided this movie like the plague. I loved this book so much as a child, and at first, I was saddened to see it become one in a line of children’s picture books turned into movies. Not even the awards would sway me. But my friend had mentioned that it […]

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9:07 a.m.: Go to deliver my books to the Ontario Early Years program that’s in my branch every Wednesday. The ECE coordinator tells me that 1) The keys for our cupboards are missing. And this is okay because she has her own (howdidthathappeniwonder?!?! 0_0) but someone has been rifling through her cupboards “looking for something.” […]

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Today I woke up and looked at ye olde Twitter feed and what should happen to appear? The announcement that Round 4 of Library Day in the Life is starting! Ahem: “Yippee-skippee!” as they say. So, fellow librarians and students of information science: tag yer blogs w/ librarydayinthelife or use the hash tag #libday4 on […]

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So, 15-20 min. after getting all of the kids together, reading books, jumping around, and saying goodbye, I’m pumped on adrenaline and sweaty and embarrassingly out of breath. This is where also I run into the other stumbling block in the process besides actually making the mini-mes sit down: Parents are usually thrilled that we […]

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I think that I’ve mentioned MPL’s “out in the open” policy with regard to storytimes before: namely, all of our storytimes are to be delivered in open space in the library, rather than behind closed doors, in order to promote our services to newcomers, new users, and customers who are otherwise unaware of programs provided […]

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So… I’m taking a break from the Twilight book report. I’ve been rereading New Moon and Eclipse in the process – and the more I read of the “saga” and also criticism about said saga, I find myself becoming lost about how I’d like to present what I want to say. And – I realize […]