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Second Generation Librarian.

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Before I start this post (two days retroactively) – I should explain my wonky work schedule. We’re scheduled on 2-week cycles. On Week 1, I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, have Thursday and Friday off, and then work Saturday and Sunday. On Week 2, I work Monday through Friday. “Wait a minute, Megan,” you might say, […]


12:55 p.m.: Listened to Rage Against the Machine on the way in to work today. This may not have been the best decision I could have made because afterward I was ornery… Will try to listen to something a little lighter next time. 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.: Sent off emails regarding drama drama. Worked on […]


This day was brought to you by the letter <scream>. 9:00 a.m.: Mercifully short atrium meeting followed by the realization that there the only two people scheduled this morning, (as far as info staff goes), are Catherine and myself. 9:30 a.m.: Library opens¬†¬† x . x <- the emoticon for f#@$ed. 10:06 a.m.: A group […]

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9:00 a.m.: Atrium Meeting – Sit around and discuss reference vs. directional questions for Survey Week in August. Have a heated discussion over whether or not to have a room bookings calendar at all access points AND the maintenance closet, or just in one place. In retrospect, I am not sure who won that argument. […]


Today I joined Library Day in the Life – which is sort of a library blog aggregator… with a twist. Basically you add your name to this list of other librarians (word to the wise, right-click and select “add row” rather than putz around for 10 minutes trying to change the table properties like SOME […]

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o_0 – I haven’t had time (or a will) to write for a looong time! There are many things have happened in the meantime many, many things, events, etc. have happened at my library. Will try to write on all of them soon. Summer Reading Club, story time revamping, website facelift, more babies, OH MY.

Someone made a video of (part of) my Baby Goose story time, and now I’m famous! Let the internet dollars start rolling in! Well, you can’t really see me through the sea of infants, but I’m there, holding my stuffed baby-placebo monkey and singing. The songs are “Here We Go Up, Up, Up!” (good activity […]

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As previously mentioned, I’m trying to think of a way to better shelve Easy Readers. So, in the process, I’ve been pulling various reading levels of material to look at their record to confirm that they could be located by a keyword search for “Level 1” etc. Some, but not all. Nerts! Clearly, I’ll have […]