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Since school gets out a full week before Christmas this year, I felt like I should provide entertainment at the branch. After Christmas – I’m on vacation and the library is on it’s own! We have an awesome Teen Advisory Group (TAG), who really enjoy working with the kids here, and even beg the teen […]

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So, 15-20 min. after getting all of the kids together, reading books, jumping around, and saying goodbye, I’m pumped on adrenaline and sweaty and embarrassingly out of breath. This is where also I run into the other stumbling block in the process besides actually making the mini-mes sit down: Parents are usually thrilled that we […]

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I think that I’ve mentioned MPL’s “out in the open” policy with regard to storytimes before: namely, all of our storytimes are to be delivered in open space in the library, rather than behind closed doors, in order to promote our services to newcomers, new users, and customers who are otherwise unaware of programs provided […]

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Week 3 of this self-proclaimed lame named (haha fox in socks, sir) story time. This week’s theme was “Ooey Gooey.” The jury’s still out on whether or not the themes make it easier or harder for story time planning… this was kind of a strange theme, so maybe that was it. The program itself was […]

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My very first story time that I have created… planned… and will do for longer than 15 minutes! Hooray! I was really really nervous. This is also Angus Glen’s very first “out in the open” story time ever. Good thing it went much better than expected! 😀 The kids were incredibly cute. I’ve found that […]

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The theme for the TD Summer Reading Club this year is Laugh Out Loud (LOL) / Lire aux Larmes. I guess in French it would be LauxL, haha 😛 So for I have some dumb ideas, which are just cheesy enough to work… I’m going to put smiley faces on the wall with the kids […]

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