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Second Generation Librarian.

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My fourth year of legit librarianship, and I’m kind of a boss. I mean, I was always kind of a boss – my library system only has one librarian per department per branch. After working at BTPL during my internship, I sort of assumed that I’d be taken under the wizened, awesome¬†tutelage of more experienced […]

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Question: When is information too much information? Answer: When information is in the form of my Twitter feed that I established in the interest of being professionally responsible and then… became kind of involved (read: addicted) on a personal level. At first I tweeted sparingly about library related topics only but then it kind of […]

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This Mother’s Day, I wanted to thank my mom, Lynne, for encouraging me to enter this profession in the most public way possible. She’s a totally amazing librarian herself and has been in public and private libraries for probably more years than she’d care for me to share on the internet.¬† She originally went into […]

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I’m belatedly celebrating one whole year as a professional librarian – whoo! <does a jig> My biblio-birthday was officially January 2… So I’m going to take a little time to think about what exactly this last year in accidental (completely on purpose) children’s librarianship has yielded in personal and professional development. Programming: I’m still trying […]

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Ah, another season, another round of Story Times. I’m still fighting the good fight with Baby Goose, our story time for 0-2 years. Although now with our new out in the open story time design that usually means I’ll get kids from newborn on up. This bother some people – with my 0-5 story time, […]

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So Easy Readers (not to be confused with Easy Riders)… they’re thin, often used, usually beat-up books that circulate a lot. Bad for shelf reading, hold pulling, and kind of a pain the bibliographic backside of everyone who has to deal with them on an administrative level, shall we say. So, what are people looking […]

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Just got done with Parents as Partners: Homework Help on the Net – my bibliographic instruction course for kids grade 4-6 and their parents. It’s free (yippee!) but for some reason that means that I usually get a far lower enrolment than on paper. So, 5 kids enrolled, 2 showed up. One of the little […]

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