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Second Generation Librarian.

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Huh. I just saw my stats and people are looking at this much more than the big ole “O” that I had expected. Hurray! One of my original misgivings about blogging in general is that it seems sort of narcissistic to assume that I have anything more to say about a single topic than anyone […]

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I got the go-ahead to do some sorely needed weeding on the Juvenile Non-Fiction Section (my first ever). To sidestip the issue of not wanting to throw anything out because of curriculum demand, I ordered a report done for items that haven’t circulated in 2 years or more. I’m finding a lot of picturebooks on […]

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Week 3 of this self-proclaimed lame named (haha fox in socks, sir) story time. This week’s theme was “Ooey Gooey.” The jury’s still out on whether or not the themes make it easier or harder for story time planning… this was kind of a strange theme, so maybe that was it. The program itself was […]

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Since one of the Children’s part-time library assistants has left (sniff sniff) I’ve taken over a second story time every other week. This week I was too stressed out to come up with an ingenious theme combination for the second story time. So I threw together some funny books that didn’t fit in with any […]

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My very first story time that I have created… planned… and will do for longer than 15 minutes! Hooray! I was really really nervous. This is also Angus Glen’s very first “out in the open” story time ever. Good thing it went much better than expected! 😀 The kids were incredibly cute. I’ve found that […]

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The theme for the TD Summer Reading Club this year is Laugh Out Loud (LOL) / Lire aux Larmes. I guess in French it would be LauxL, haha 😛 So for I have some dumb ideas, which are just cheesy enough to work… I’m going to put smiley faces on the wall with the kids […]

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Hello! My name’s Megan, and I’m a young, idealistic, wet-behind-the-ears, fresh-outta-school children’s librarian. It was actually not an accident to become a children’s librarian – in fact, that has been my plan from the beginning (the beginning being my 2nd year of university in which I began wondering what I would do with this “English […]

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