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This day was brought to you by the letter <scream>. 9:00 a.m.: Mercifully short atrium meeting followed by the realization that there the only two people scheduled this morning, (as far as info staff goes), are Catherine and myself. 9:30 a.m.: Library opens   x . x <- the emoticon for f#@$ed. 10:06 a.m.: A group […]

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Someone made a video of (part of) my Baby Goose story time, and now I’m famous! Let the internet dollars start rolling in! Well, you can’t really see me through the sea of infants, but I’m there, holding my stuffed baby-placebo monkey and singing. The songs are “Here We Go Up, Up, Up!” (good activity […]

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Ah, another season, another round of Story Times. I’m still fighting the good fight with Baby Goose, our story time for 0-2 years. Although now with our new out in the open story time design that usually means I’ll get kids from newborn on up. This bother some people – with my 0-5 story time, […]

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This fall brings about a whole new challenge: BABIES. After MPL’s new “out in the open” mandate, we have two separate baby times, Baby Goose (out in the open) and Books and Babies (the closed-off original version of the program). Lois, the full-time library assistant at Angus Glen, is the source of all this programming […]

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Since one of the Children’s part-time library assistants has left (sniff sniff) I’ve taken over a second story time every other week. This week I was too stressed out to come up with an ingenious theme combination for the second story time. So I threw together some funny books that didn’t fit in with any […]

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My very first story time that I have created… planned… and will do for longer than 15 minutes! Hooray! I was really really nervous. This is also Angus Glen’s very first “out in the open” story time ever. Good thing it went much better than expected! 😀 The kids were incredibly cute. I’ve found that […]

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